What the Professionals Say About Us

"The Masonry Industry Promotion Group has been remarkably supportive of our students and our program. Masonry is part of a long tradition of the language of architecture. Through the work of the MIPG our students have gained a better understanding the role and uses of masonry."

Greg Kessler, AIA

Director of the School of Architecture

Washington State University

"The collaborative efforts of the Masonry Industry Promotion Group have developed innovative ways to integrate masonry education into the undergraduate and graduate programs. Through design competitions, educational materials, speakers, and support for faculty attendance at workshops masonry has become thoroughly integrated into the Engineering program. In addition, a fellowship program established by the MIPG and the state of Washington provides support for graduate students to do masonry research as part of their education."

David I. McLean, Ph.D., P.E.

Professor and Associate Dean

College of Engineering and Architecture

Washington State University

"The Masonry Promotion Group does an outstanding job of supporting the regional architectural community in the areas of construct ability, emerging technologies, and analysis of existing conditions. This group regularly prepares and presents meetings, workshops and forums for discussion and education that include both local and national experts. The Masonry Promotion Group's annual sponsorship of our AIA Spokane Chapter monthly meeting usually brings out more architects, interns, and professional affiliates than any of our other meetings."

"We count on the MIPG to provide our community with information to enhance our built environment utilizing the enduring qualities of masonry construction. I value my relationship with this group and look forward to all they will continue to do for us and our community in the future. I hold them in highest regard."

Dave Huotari, AIA

Principal of ALSC Architects

Director and Board member American Institute of Architects,

Spokane Chapter